About Us

We have been helping individuals, families, and businesses become debt free and achieve financial freedom for 15 years. In addition, Merrimack Wealth Management has worked with numerous families, creating wealth, managing/building for retirement, and planning for college. Your Family Bank is a tool that allows us to accomplish all of the above.

Your Family Bank NE was started in 2010 and the Your Family Bank method was started in 2008. Firm owners Barry and Brian Dick have been integral members of Your Family Bank since its inception.

We wanted to be able to help everyone. America is crippled with debt and everyone suffers, the young professional with tens of thousands in student loan debt. The family with a mortgage payment and credit card balances to make ends meet. The couple nearing retirement in 10 years with 25 years left on their mortgage.

Traditional advisors never ask their clients about their debt. The focus is growing their money. But what is growing their money at 12% worth if they’re always paying interest to a lender at 15%? Most people look to consolidate their debt to an easy one time a month payment and most of the time at a lower interest rate. When individuals do this they simply reset the bar on interest and move the debt from one lender to another. WE ELIMINATE DEBT, we don’t move it around.